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A Dartmoor Itinerary.

As an avid holiday taker myself, I know how much I rely on other people’s itineraries before I go away. Spending hours reading through reviews, places to visit, gems of information which may just tip my holiday from great to wow. So I decided that i would try and write the itinerary that I would recommend for a couple staying at Higher Longford

Firstly, the packing. As always, I feel like I pack everything but the kitchen sink when I go on holiday. Rest assured, our cottages are designed to be your home from home. So what do you need to bring with you? What’s the “stuff” i recommend. Arriving to clean, empty cupboards, you’ll need some food. Unless you intend to eat out all the time, which is also fun!!

Holly Cottage Kitchen

Packing a few essentials like condiments, tea and coffee and all those things your can’t live without. Enjoy your usual morning coffee sat in your private garden. The woodpecker tapping away, the birds noisily going about the start to their day.

Lots of our customers will have a food delivery from asda, tesco or sainsburys. A good way to get the food in for sure! Just don’t forget to change your address back the following week!! (Yes, it’s happened a few times!) However, Tavistock is full of lovely shops, butchers, bakers, vegetable shops so maybe just bring the essentials, salt, pepper, oil and then buy locally. Otherwise you have 4 supermarkets to choose from in Tavistock.

Your list of things to do are endless

For those active people, we would always recommend getting up onto Dartmoor and walking the moors.

The best place we have found to get ideas on walks is the Visit Dartmoor website. We have several walks listed in our information app.

One of the best walks from the park is the Pewtor, Coxtor round route. This walk is a medium ability walk, a few hills but nothing “mountain goat” level. You can choose whether to climb up the Tors, walk in between or just keep to the lower paths. Eventually, leading back down the road and into our entrance.


Whenever you walk on Dartmoor, you should be prepared. We recommend you check out the equipment needed on the Dartmoor National Park association website

We do recommend you bring these things from home if you’re planning on walking on dartmoor

Walking boots (not new ones but ones you’ve broken in)
Rain coat – well it is Dartmoor. It may rain
Rucksack – great for carrying all your snacks.
Depending on the time of year you are visiting other things like suncream to woolly hats!!

Most important don’t forget your camera, whether it’s your telephone or top quality camera there are views around every corner, all waiting to be your next masterpiece. Beautiful, stunning, amazing views that will take your breath away.

Windy Cross

If you want more information, or don’t feel comfortable walking alone then you can always hire a guide. They will give you insight into the history of Dartmoor, myth and legends as well as the geology of the area. However, many walks are safe and enjoyable without worry of getting lost on the moors.

Dartmoor can be very accessible for all. They are areas which are not suitable for less able or wheelchairs however, some routes are great. There is also a “tramper” hire service in the area where you can hire chairs specifically for the Dartmoor Terrain. This is probably something to look Into before your holiday as you may need to book In advance


Some lovely days can be spent walking on Dartmoor but there are other ways to enjoy the moors. An hour or two on horse back is a must!! Even if you’ve never smoothed the nose of a horse, you should give it a go. All you need is some suitable footwear. (Boots or shoes with heels) Everything else is provided. We recommend our local stables, Cholwell Riding Stables who will take you out across Dartmoor on your faithful steed. Your accompanied ride takes you out to experience the Mary Tavy side of the moor. For those who love to ride, you can do longer, faster rides.

Foggintor Quarry

Another gem to enjoy on Dartmoor would be wild Swimming. Finding a perfect lagoon to enjoy a cold water swim is a great memory made. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset, whether you sit in your garden, drive to one of the moorland car parks or climb to the top of a stone crop on a tor. We have to most amazing sunrises and sunsets in Devon.

Find a letterbox stamp. Why not look up the traditional activity on Dartmoor. Try your luck at locating a box and leave a message to the owner, taking a note Pad with you to collect your stamp. Charity clues can be purchased, ideally something to do In advance. You’ll also probably want a compass. Although some boxes are just found by chance.

Whilst Dartmoor is a huge part of your holiday, we are also surrounded by many tourist attractions. We have already done a blog on wet weather activities…. check it out if your forecast is mixed. National trust have a huge number of properties in our area and membership can reduce the cost of your holiday. Great for anyone who loves amazing gardens and a bit of history

Rainy holidays at Higher Longford? – Higher Longford Cottages


Tavistock is our local town. It’s beautiful with it’s ancient churches and historic buildings. The River Tavy runs through the middle plus there is also an ancient canal. You can walk alongside the canal and into the woods and makes for a nice walk through the park. There are many places to eat in Tavistock. Did you know the original cream tea of scones and jam was first documented in Tavistock, with the monks sharing their scone and jam. You shouldn’t miss the Pannier Markets. On throughout the year different types of markets are held in the center of town offering food, gifts and home made produce to take away.

Oak Cottage

Plymouth is our city. It’s a bustling business city with a great sea front. Visit the restored Royal William Yard for dinner overlooking Plymouth Sound. Take a boat trip around the historic marina, learn about Sir Francis Drake and other moments in history that Plymouth is famous for. Visit the Beatles monument and sit where they sat, overlooking the warships sitting in the harbour. Plymouth has all the usual facilities of a city, shops, bowling, cinema, museums. These are all great and well worth visiting on your day out in Plymouth. Plymouth has good parking or you can enjoy the park and ride (George Junction is closest to us) but be aware its not open on Sundays.

Plymouth Hoe is definitely a place to visit. Enjoy a walk along the sea front, sample the sea food available. Visit the National Marine Aquarium. If you like to paddleboard or canoe, there are self launching ramps around the areas and the sound is a great place to venture out for those that are experienced. Enjoy a walk up to the historic Light House, Smeaton’s Tower

Water sports. Something that the South west is also good at. If you’re keen to give these a go then you have plenty of choice.We can reach most popular beach areas in an hour from the park. Everyone should visit at least one beach. Widemouth Bay and Bude are great for surfing and general beach days out. 45min to 1 hr to get there. Ample parking with cafes and great coastal walks. For other ideas see our blogs about beaches

Plymouth Sound

You can also learn to sail or enjoy paddleboarding in relative safety on some of our Reservoirs. Roadford lake activity centre has loads of activities whether you bring your own or hire theirs.As you can see, there is a plethora of things to do and see in Devon and Dartmoor.

Local beaches

Hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas on what to do during your stay with us. Feel free to contact us if you need any further help.