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Stay at Higher Longford and play golf at Tavistock Golf Club

A challenging test for the unwary golfer.

“With its wide fairways and sweeping vistas the course looks deceptively simple but it offers a challenging test for the unwary golfer. Nature has provided its own hazards at Tavistock, with thick gorse and bracken, plus the odd clump of scrubby trees. There are also cunningly hidden bunkers that can trap the most proficient golfer. The thin soil not only provides tight lies, it also makes the greens lightning fast. Because of the thin soil the course and greens drain very quickly allowing year-long play – we seldom have need for temporary Greens or Tees at Tavistock due to the excellent drainage we have on the moor.”

Tavistock Golf Course’s website 2023

If you look carefully in the distance you would be able to see Higher Longford Cottages. With a golf course as our neighbour we just had to tell our customers about this fun activity right on their doorstep.

Tavistock Golf Club is a high standing club and those who play will know that they offer a great game for those with great skills, plus those who are looking to dip a toe in the water for this lovely past time.

If you’re not sure and want to learn the game, why not arrange some lessons from the pro shop at the Club.

Luckily, the club has also very generously offered our customers a discount. If you’d like to play as a visitor you can receive a discount by booking in advance. Details are all in our welcome email or can be obtained from us directly.

Information on Tavistock Golf Course

There are many friendly, family activities to do in the area and this is just one of the many recommended past times in the town of Tavistock.