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Horse riding on Dartmoor

Horse riding on Dartmoor

Love it or hate it? I love it. Always being an avid horse rider I simply cannot wait to get out on the moors for a ride.

It simply is the best way to see certain parts of the moors. You and your faithful steed will be guided around parts of the moors which show you amazing views, other wildlife and a thrilling adventure.

Depending on where you ride with and for how long changes your adventure. Whether you are riding with Cholwell Riding Stables at Mary Tavy on one of their lovely sturdy horses, plodding over the moors at your own speed. The chaperones will give you history of the area if you want it, help you learn how to ride your horse and best of all make sure you don’t get lost! For more experienced riders we have the Adventure Clydesdales. Amazing horses where you can ride over the moors, even over the Tors themselves.

It really is a must when you come on holiday to Dartmoor.